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" For over 70 yrs I have learned to cope with a 95% hearing loss in my right ear as a result of several failed operations in my childhood. In my fifties I had two more operations performed by my E. N.T specialist, but both of them failed as well.
So you can imagine my surprise when Ben and Precilla told me a way sound could be transferred to my deaf side to my good left side enabling me to hear conversation from both sides.Something I didn’t think I would experience again.
My previous provider had never mentioned anything about a device like this, so I was only too happy to transfer over to Waves and I’m glad I did.
My new hearing aids are small and fit virtually unnoticed behind the ear. They are easy to use, affordable and for me this new technology has been a God-sent. My hearing had taken on a new dimension. Thanks to Precilla dedication to cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.
Thanks to Ben and Precilla I now experience ‘ The Joy Of Hearing ‘ better. "

star G Malthouse / Ferndale
February 2019

"I didn't actually ever think about having a hearing test until I started to get that strange heartbeat type of sound in my ear !
Thank you for doing my hearing test. I was very pleased and impressed to be treated like a real person and your level of dedication to making me feel comfortable was exceptional.
I was very pleased to walk out of your office with my hearing at 20-20 ! "

star C Gregg / Lynwood
Dec 2018

“I have used hearing aids from various providers without being completely satisfied with the end result. I heard of “Waves” and decided to give them a try.
The results have been excellent , the care and after sales service has been really 1st class. Precilla has shown a personal interest in my hearing problem . which did not happen with the other providers. I have no hesitation in recommending Waves Audiologist to anyone with a hearing problem you will not be disappointed.

star Ken Peters / Beaconsfield
Dec 2018

My main concern was problems with not often hearing other people when they spoke to me particularly if was not facing them. I visited Waves Hearing, the service provided to me was very professional and I was very happy at the way everything was explained to me very clearly and easy to understand. I can confidently say that the outcome to my hearing problems was very satisfactory. My advice to anyone with hearing problems similar to mine would be to encourage them to seek assistance and I would not hesitate to recommend any of my friends to Waves Hearing.

star F.J (Joe) Parker / Success, WA
June 2018

I would like to express my gratitude to you for giving my hearing back. My husband is ecstatic that he doesn't have to repeat himself several times in a conversation. I would say I am leading a normal life once again. I used the phrase "people mumble", everyday, when in fact, I now realise I had a hearing problem. The total experience of having the first free hearing test and then receiving my hearing aids was made so easy by you. I don't know why it took me so long to admit I couldn;t hear properly. It has now been five weeks since I started using them, and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for your understanding and explanation of my hearing loss. I strongly urge everyone to seek your assistance and professionalism and start hearing again. I am forever in your debt,

star Dianne Barry / Wickepin
June 2018

I knew I had some hearing loss as the volume control was quite high on the television. When the opportunity came up to be tested by Precilla from Waves Hearing I jumped at the chance. The hearing aids we chose for me have been very good and easy to use. Precilla is always available to do any adjustments and help me with maintaining my aids. She has a very professional attitude and a very caring manner. I would recommend Waves Hearing to anyone who needs help with their hearing.

star J Grafton / Willetton
May 2018

My hearing had been slowly getting worse for twenty years. I talked to some friends who already had hearing aids, but their experiences were very disappointing. Both said their aids had not performed as well as promised, and that once they had bought them the supplier had shown little interest in helping them further. As a result I waited many years before seeking help.
"My experience with Waves was totally different. Precilla was wonderfully professional, courteous and patient. She explained my options very clearly and provided excellent hearing devices to solve my problems. My wife no longer has to shout at me, I can follow conversations at social gatherings, I can hear the TV, and my driving is safer now that I can hear the indicators. Precilla’s meticulous fine tuning of the devices at follow up appointments has made them work even better. I am very happy with the result and definitely recommend Waves.

star P Hayden / Gooseberry Hill
May 2018

I used to get annoyed with my husband for talking quietly. When he saw that Waves was attending the village, he rang their number and made an appointment for me. I attended their rooms and after several tests, it was found that I did indeed need hearing aids. I was treated with great professionalism and kindness. The different aids were discussed and I eventually chose a set. I am absolutely thrilled with their performance and wear them from breakfast to bedtime. The hearing aids are not visible to others, which means a great deal to my vanity! Waves will keep in touch with and adjust the aids as and when necessary
If you are experiencing hearing problems, do something about it. I have no hesitation in recommending Waves. So, don’t be shy, pick up the phone and ring them on 086161 3937. I will sing their praises to anyone and everyone, so happy, am I.

star Brenda Little.
May 2018

I had the opportunity to meet Ben and Precilla, made an appointment for Hearing test and I can say that it has been a wonderful thing for me. I now have a pair of hearing aids and I am so happy that it is changing my life. Their service, their knowledge and their approach(how they attend to you) was so good and it was totally a wonderful experience for me. I am fully satisfied and I am more than happy to recommend my friends to you.

star Pamela Martin
March 2017

I am very happy with the help and advice. I was putting it off for a long time thinking its going to be very difficult to wear hearing aids but Precilla made it very simple and easy to understand.
Thank you for your help.

star Deirdre Ritchie
March 2017

Following my Husband having had a successful ‘Hearing Test Appointment’ at Waves I then spoke to Precilla regarding my lifelong hearing problem of complete deafness in my right ear and was there any possibility of improvement.
Precilla came up with a system that transferred the sound emanating from my right side to be transferred to my left (good ear) which enabled me then to have full hearing for the first time in my life. This has given me much happiness and added an extra dimension to my life in general which I am so grateful and appreciative for. Precilla is a true professional in her field of ‘Hearing Restoration’ Thankyou Precilla.

star Mary Smith
June 2016

I can highly recommend Waves Hearing Solutions for anyone needing help with hearing loss. Precilla is a warm and caring person who seeks to do her best to meet the needs of her clients. Not only did she help find the right hearing aids for me, but she patiently answered my questions upon a return visit to see how I was going with the hearing aids. She did her best to help us find hearing aids that would not only meet my needs but best fit our budget. If you are concerned about your hearing, I'd recommend booking a free hearing test at Waves Hearing Solutions

star Gwen Whitaker
October 2016

My experience was above expectation. Explaining and demonstration of the device was 1st class combined with care, concern for the well being was excellent.
"Thank You"

star A Graham
December 2016

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